Certification obtained from Amastuola’s Biological Wines

Amastuola –  responsible and sustainable production

For us, producing biological or ‘bio’ wine means respecting the environment, the territory and the people, both those working in our vineyard, and those consuming our wine who are increasingly aware of the quality and authenticity of the product. Bio is the starting point for our philosophy of production, which is based on a mix of modernism and tradition, because on the one hand, organic farming is fundamental to today’s increasingly conscious consumers, and on the other, the methods used in the Masseria always come from ancient traditions.

Bio, innovation and tradition coming from the South

Ours is a dynamic small business in southern Italy, which chooses to enhance the land and give it a new, sustainable and productive future, a choice that starts with the idea of preserving the best of the traditions of our land, maintaining quality, innovating and continuing to respect the environment. Through the experimentation and research projects carried out by experts in the field of agriculture (including Professor Roberto Zironi), over the years we have succeeded in significantly reducing the use of sulphites in our organic wines, with the specific aim of complete elimination in the next few years.