Our wines and the terroir of the Amastuola vineyard

Organic Amastuola wines are the very expression of the unique terroir in which our vineyard grows

In describing our wines we like to start from the origin of everything: the terroir in which the Amastuola vineyard grows. When we talk about terroir, we think about something that goes beyond just the soil in which a vineyard lies, something which is embodied in far greater way than just the simple word ‘land’. Terroir is something unique, and as such, the wines that come from it become its expression.

Amastuola’s Organic Wines: Tradition and Innovation

There is another aspect that characterises our organic wines. We like to define ourselves as “wine artisans”, because our vineyards and our wines are born, grow, and are bottled in our cellars. We work hard on this, and proudly display it on the labels of all our wines.
We produce the wines from Amastuola’s vineyards to combine both tradition and innovation. We protect all the best natural features given to us from the earth, the climate, and the warm Mediterranean sun, but combine this uniquely with an awareness that today’s winemaking is a technologically advanced craft that must be open to experimentation and research.
Winemaking has become a highly specialised procedure and Amastuola winery is also an advanced laboratory, which allows us to understand every element of the wine and extract from it the very best it has to offer.
Our primary objective is to maintain all the natural characteristics of the wines, to know and respect the earth,We select and employ fully trained people who can produce our wines according to a biological system which truly reflects our product philosophy.
It is modern because organic is now essential for those who buy in a conscious way and wish to respect the environment and the territory, the people who live there and the final consumer. It is traditional because the integrated pest management techniques have been developed and handed down over many, many years.

The Vines of the Amastuola Garden Vineyard

The vineyard, with its extension of more than 100 hectares of entirely organic farming, is situated in the heart of the Mediterranean in Puglia (Italy), on a plateau 210 meters above sea level, where the microclimate favours organic farming, and precious minerals and nutrients of the terroir give the wines a very special aroma. The vines from which our organic wines are born are of different qualities: primitivo, aglianico, merlot, syrah, cabernet sauvignon, sauvignon blanc, chardonnay, fiano, malvasia and malvasia bianca di candia. These different grapes produce 10 wine labels.

Our labels: from Puglia’s red wine to the primitivo, from merlot to cabernet, from aglianico to cabernet.

The concept of terroir resumes in a single word pedoclimatic aspects such as: natural, physical and chemical conditions; the geographic area and climate; and human aspects associated with history, culture and agricultural tradition. Amastuola vineyard produces organic wines that are born of the encounter between tradition and research, and are the faithful expression of the unique terroir of Amastuola. Scrupulous attention is given to the detail, and yields are limited in order to obtain top quality organic wines that tell with their own authentic essence, our love for this extraordinary land immersed in the heart of the Mediterranean. Our wines are able to combine the power and intensity of wines typical found in coastal areas, but at the same time the sophistication, elegance, salinity and scents of typical hill wines, being that Masseria Amastuola is 220 meters above sea level.