Masseria Amastuola: a place where nature and relaxation combine

Discover the many activities on offer in Masseria Amastuola

Enjoying pleasant moments of relaxation and getting away from the frenetic pace of everyday life is not a dream but a reality when you decide to spend time in the Masseria Amastuola estate. The farm has a privileged location on a plateau overlooking a garden vineyard of over 100 hectares, perfectly integrated in a typical Apuglian landscape, among centuries-old olive trees and the dry-stone walls typical of the region. Sleeping in one of the 9 rooms available in Masseria Amastuola is definitely a unique experience. Spending days immersed in the heart of Puglia, with the wonder of a garden vineyard designed by a landscape designer of such international fame as Fernando Caruncho, at a destination visited by inquisitive people from all over the world, is an experience that will stay with you forever.

What to do while staying in Masseria Amastuola

Staying at Amastuola can be even more exciting if you decide to take part in one of the many activities that are offered  in our accommodation facility.

In fact for our guests, Masseria Amastuola offers the possibility of bike riding through the paths of our vineyard, relaxing while horse riding, tasting our Amastuola wines, becoming chefs with our Cooking classes and having fun with fishing or on one of the many other excursions available.

Masseria Amastuola and Puglia

Our resort enjoys an enviable position in close proximity to many tourist attractions that Puglia has to offer such as: the Mediterranean sea, the areas of Magna Grecia, the Itria Valley and Salento.

Masseria Amastuola organises various excursions and activities for its guests including:

– Visits to the MARTA National Archaeological Museum in Taranto

– Visits to the Aragonese Castle of Taranto

– Sea Excursions with dolphins under the guidance of the Ionian Dolphin Project

– Sailing boat excursions

– Madonna della Scala di Massafra Sanctuary

– Excursions to: Matera, Alberobello, Ostuni, Lecce.

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