The cellar

Organic wines born from the encounter
of tradition and research.

In our vineyard we produce organic wines with great pride in the name of tradition and innovation. We are able to preserve in our wines all the natural characteristics given by the earth, the climate and the sun typical of our Apulia.
To do this, however, we do not give up innovation; in fact, in our winery we produce our wine with technologically advanced activities, opening ourselves to experimentation and research in order to give our organic Apulian wine a unique distinguishing feature.

How we produce our wines

Making organic wine means adopting an agricultural and production philosophy that privileges the relationship with the territory and nature, supporting a reduction in the use of chemicals (i.e. fertilizers and pesticides) and sulphites, adopting precise farming techniques and organic farming techniques aimed at preventing parasitic attacks in a natural way.
Amastuola organic wines are the result of the skilful work of those committed, day after day, to putting into practice and disseminating the values that the Amastuola team strongly believes in, namely: respect for nature and for the neighbour.
We deliver this important message through the restaurants and wine shops that have chosen us and make the distribution of our wines possible.

Certifications, prizes and awards

Our wines are born from the encounter of tradition and research. They are a faithful expression of the unique wine-growing region of Amastuola, of which they evoke every single facet. The scrupulous attention to the slightest details and the limited yields allow us to obtain quality organic wines that tell, through their authentic essence, our love for this extraordinary land set quite in the heart of the Mediterranean.
Our greatest pride, for us who love to call ourselves wine artisans, lies in being aware that our wines are highly appreciated and loved both by simple wine lovers and by experts in the industry who certify their quality. Actually, our wines have won several prizes and awards: among them, specially worth remembering is Primitivo, winner of a good 17 qualifications at national and international level.

Vini biologici Amastuola