Masseria Amastuola: the ideal place for meetings and conferences in Puglia
Discover the perfect Masseria for your business meetings

Finding the perfect location for an event is often a difficult. Whether it is a business meeting or a conference, a team building event, a training session or a presentation, the location becomes a key element in the success of the event.

Masseria Amastuola is the ideal solution for those who want to organise an event, meeting or conference in a location that can provide all the facilities necessary to make their event perfect,  but at the same time being framed by the magnificent farmhouse and the striking beauty of the garden vineyard.

Amastuola can accommodate all kinds of events to suit differing needs, from small private spaces for meetings through to much larger rooms for more grand proceedings.

Our settings inside the Masseria Amastuola

Sala del Cedro

Sala le Arcate

Sala del Golfo

All our rooms are fully equipped with modern conferencing facilities including:


Monitor LCD

PC Laptop

Lettore DVD


Video proiettore



Lavagna a fogli mobili

Puntatore Laser

Masseria Amastuola’s Business Rooms

“Sala del Cedro”

“Cedar Hall” is characterised by its two large tables made of solid cedar and iron. At the back of the room, the wall is made of bottles with an LCD monitor for presentations, videos and multimedia content at its center.

Maximum capacity: 25 people

On request:

Simultaneous translation, Reception and Hosting, Porterage, Technical Assistance

“Sala le arcate”

With its star-vaulted ceilings, Arches Hall is very bright with a view over the Carob Tree Courtyard. The room also has a series of side arches that allow meetings and small/medium conferences. There are two entrances; one from the Carob Tree Courtyard and a second from the Great Courtyard. At the entrance to the hall there is a reception desk.

Maximum capacity: 150 people

On request:

Overhead projector, Simultaneous translation, Reception and Hosting, Porterage, Technical Assistance, Control Room

“Sala del Golfo”

Ideally suited for corporate conventions, conferences, meetings, incentives, exhibitions and parades. Gulf Hall has been built inside what was an old shelter for work tools. The room has differing architectural finishes; in one area there is a barrel-vault ceiling, in another, a truss ceiling. A striking view of the Ionian Sea completes an amazing setting. At the entrance of the hall there is a reception/registration desk as well as an area to relax. This completes what is a prestigious location to make your event unique. On request there is also an adjoining meeting room that could be used for preparation and which is directly connected to the main hall.

Maximum capacity 250 people

On request:

Overhead projector, Simultaneous translation, Reception and Hosting, Porterage, Technical Assistance, Control Room

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